Our super should protect our future, not put it at risk.

Right now, UniSuper is using our retirement savings to support coal, oil and gas – fueling climate change and supercharging extreme weather events like bushfires, drought and floods. Our retirement savings shouldn’t be used to put our future at risk.

That’s why we are calling on UniSuper to commit to a comprehensive 10 year transition plan to ensure that all invested funds and products are fossil fuel free – not producing coal, oil or gas. 

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Divest UniSuper from carbon: Stop Supercharging Climate Change

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Where does our money go now?

From UniSuper’s disclosures we know that at least 10% of its Australian share investments are in companies undermining the Paris Climate accord, including BHP, Woodside and APA.

According to it’s reports, 12% of its investments are in companies involved in fossil fuels – that’s billions of our dollars funding the climate crisis.

UniSuper also talks about the “critical importance” of “Carbon Capture and Storage” – an unproven technology often used to justify ongoing investment in polluting industries, like coal. Australia’s university workers deserve better than this kind of greenwashing.

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